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Superfood Delivery

Superfood Delivery

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Vigorous Microgreens brings Microgreens right to your home or office.

Each week will consisting of a 1020 flat with 10 servings of microgreens freshly grown per order.

Trays being used are to be washed by dishwasher no soap on sanitize mode.


Trays need to be returned during the next scheduled weekly delivery to avoid extra charges of 5 dollars per tray.


You are welcome to keep the trays for this extra 5 dollar charge if you are interested in keeping them to grow your own.

Plan parties and catering events with an initial 2 week waiting period for your Vigorous Microgreens to be ready. 


Order extra for larger events for there will not be extra available on day of delivery.

There is an additional cost of 5 dollars per tray for the 10 serving to be pre-portioned into individual serving clam shell style containers, (4x4x4.5in) in size.


Weight will vary from 1.5 - 3 pounds per tray depending on what type of microgreen is available and different growing medians (soil or soilless) being used.

Discard root bed, roots and median used for growing into your compost pile.


From garden to table our microgreens will have the most nutritional value

arriving alive at your door 



Relentlessly expanding consciousness of health so you may bring your body to full awareness 

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