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Pick What You Are Growing To Learn More


Grow Mushrooms

Cut slit in top corner of bag for Lions Mane, Chestnut, Reshi King and Black Pearl King.

Fruit these from inside the bag, wait till fully developed.

For other oyster mushrooms, fold bag tight after deflating bag and use razor blade to cut an X in center of the side of bag.

Spray this spot for one to two weeks until mushrooms have formed.

Use left over substrate to spread in garden.

Use wood shavings to cover spot for fall harvests for years to come.

The lion's Mane kit will be placed under a bowl. The trick is to get one side propped up just a little bit to still get a tiny bit of light under the bowl and to keep humidity high. 

The higher humidity the better. These grow in two different variants. With less air flow they resemble the bear's head strain of hericium and with more air flow the denser it becomes where it is more of a smaller pom pom shape. All for the same lineage but just grown in different conditions.


Grow Microgreens

  • Sprouts are grown entirely in water


  • Microgreens are planted into a solid growing medium such as soil or coco coir (coconut coir)

  • Microgreens are between sprouts and baby greens

Seeding trays according to seed density and watering with a mister and stacked for germination.

Germinating seeds do not need light and do not start photosynthesis until stacked trays are separated and sent to our NFT channels. Keep seeds in this blackout stage until proper germination has occurred and tray start to lift up on each other.

The first day into the light may need a bit of top watering. the rest of their growing cycle will be watered from underneath the trays by an automated system, watering one to two times per day.

Microgreens are just one stage after sprouts, introduced to light then harvested and eaten for a super food effect.

They grow another week or so until ready.

Use sharp scissors to cut at the base of the stem discarding the root zone in the compost or trash. 

When harvesting your microgreens be sure to not to squeeze them. w

Add 4oz of Water on average each day until  microgreens are gone.


Grow Mycelium

For dowels drill hole in living log and hammer in dowel.

Wax outside of hole.

Wait till fall and spring harvests.

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