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“Organic and Healthy Food with micro-greens and local mushroom kits”

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

What does the word "healthy" mean regarding the food industry? Any healthy food that fulfills your nutrient requirements and furnishes you with energy, health, and good feeling has been categorized as healthy food. Our company has aimed to promote healthy and responsible eating among individuals. Composing a smart food choice with an innovative and organic blend will lead you to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and manage your weight. Moreover, in this era where everyone is heaving pesticide sprayed fruits and vegetables, we are here to provide you with healthy yet organic food solutions.


The ultimate solution to declining the public health risks for farmworkers, their families, and consumers throughout the globe is to employ organic farming. There are several environmental benefits of organic foods and healthy products that will surely reduce toxic and stubborn chemicals on farms and food. It’s an alarming situation as children are more vulnerable to these toxic pesticides and chemicals. The introduction of organic products in the market will allow the parents to choose the right healthy products.

On the contrary to conventionally grown food, organic farming is productive. It gives birth to rich vitamin C, phosphorus, and magnesium products with less exposure to pesticide residue and nitrates. The organic products we sell (mushroom kits and microgreens) are high in quality and dispense all the natural goodness to your health. The growing technologies regarding organic food have influenced us to promote a healthy lifestyle.


No doubt organic food leads you to live a healthy life with no harmful chemicals entering your body. But these organically grown food regime has some advantages and disadvantages. The main overview of organic food encompassing its all aspects have mentioned here:

  1. No Allergies and obesity:

Research revealed that organic food consumption leads to less allergic exposure, particularly in childhood. Moreover, we know obesity is the basic cause of many of the stroking diseases including heart risk, hypertension, and kidney disorders. These have been found to aggravate the utilization of impure food products. The food items are loaded with artificial chemicals; hence, our mushroom kits and micro-green will give you a happy, healthy life by replacing these unwanted chemicals.

  1. More nutritional profile:

It's a real fact that sound health and organic food have a stalwart correlation with each other as one can only achieve the body's healthy metabolism with purely grown organic food. Organic food production with our mushroom kits and micro-greens will let our consumers have an excellent nutritional profile. It will not only flourish your health with a happy gut but also a flavoursome taste.

  1. Decline exposure to pesticides:

Organic farming has mechanized operations with no use of pesticides and fungicides as we all know that exposure to chemicals of any kind will lead to spoliation of purity of food. Thus, we are committed to providing versatile yet healthy ideas for vegetables and protein-rich food options.

  1. Improved sustainability:

Some farmers have proved that organic farming has more sustainability and is more eco-friendly than conventional farming. After selecting our organic brand, you will also be satisfied with the harbinger of blessings you got after having the fruiting mushrooms.

  1. Decline exposure to artificial fertilizers and other harmful chemicals:

No doubt organic farming requires extra care, but these are free of all urea fertilizers and other toxins. These mushroom kits and micro-greens are best for keeping yourself away from synthetic chemicals and harmful fertilizers. The formula of these products will let you feel healthy and have safe food on your plate.


It's the simplest way to grow mushrooms in your comfortable living place. Most of all, our oyster mushroom kits can be used in the garden to grow them for the rest of your life. Buy mushroom grow kits from us as we provide:

  • One box with living mycelium of your choice of mushrooms

  • One spray bottle

The substrate we provide with the mushroom grow kit is of recycled Sawdust and hulls of beans. The spore development into the mycelium is already done in a sterile laboratory environment. Mycelium hibernates under cold as its one of the unfavourable conditions. So, it's necessary to put the grow box in a warm, humid, and indirect sunny environment to grow mushrooms out of mycelium. Further, moisture is compulsory for growing substrate and mycelium. You can do it by dunking mushroom kits in cold, microorganism-free water overnight.

Our easy mushroom grow kits are moist enough to begin the growth of initial flushes, and you don't need to soak it for longer times. Spraying clean water on mushrooms helps to start the growth of mushrooms.

Important Instructions to Use Mushroom Grow Kits

A kit is a mushroom mycelium growing on the substrate; we have already done much hard work to grow the mycelium and form the substrate. It’s the actual cost you’re paying for buying a mushroom kit from us. We have prepared them in a sterilized environment to avoid any contamination and share the healthy product so you can grow your own mushroom kits.

HUMIDITY: Transparent grow bag with microfilter is used to create and keep humid and warm environments. It's like a greenhouse where other vegetables and plants are grown. The bag will provide moisture and air to the mushroom grow kit to support growth. Further, spray water every day or after two days to maintain a moist environment. Spray morning and night for optimal results.

TEMPERATURE: The optimum temperature required for mushrooms' development out of mycelium is around 65-75 degrees. However, temperature varies with strain types, and direct sunlight can negatively affect your mushrooms' growth. Optimum temperature is the requirement.

The first mushroom appears out of your growing kit after 5-15 days. The development is also based on the type of mushroom strain. You can pick the mushrooms within a few days after it starts fruiting for the best edible mushrooms.


Microgreens contain all the nutrients in the right proportion as they're harvested after the germination process. Its also known that microgreens contain over 40 vital nutrients than a mature plant. Here are some benefits of growing microgreens in your garden.

Super healthy property: It's easy to grow your own microgreens with these little vegetables in your home's garden. Traditionally, people use them in their foods because of their taste, and it's becoming a trend again.

Some microgreens, including red cabbage, radish, and cilantro, come with 40 times greater nutrient content than other counterparts. You might be thinking of replacing your daily vegetable diet with microgreens; yeah, it's not a bad deal.

Do Space Efficient Home Farming: Because of their smaller size, it's easy to grow microgreens even in a limited area. Plus, a small sunny projection can provide the right proportion of light to grow these organic products at home. Microgreen growing mediums demand 10 to 40 times less space to grow than other local green vegetables. It means that it's possible to grow your organic, fresh green food in a small apartment with a small kitchenette.

Quick turnaround time: Further the benefits of growing microgreens at home include quick turnaround time as little resources and time are required to grow them.

No Climatic Hurdles: This healthy living food is free from environmental restriction due to indoor controlled conditions.

Long story short, our exceptional affordable mushroom kits and microgreens help you to live and maintain a healthy living.

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